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about Garhwal Region : Uttaranchal

The pristine wonderland-Garhwal. Mysterious & magnificemt as ever. Be it chilly winters when velvety snow covers the lofty peaks & fascinating rivers or during wonderous spring when wild flowers embellish the undulating slopes.Garhwal is the mecca for adventure sports - from Skiing, Rafting to Trekking to Mountain Climbing & Aero Sports. There is ample scope for Wildlife watching also making it an essantial on the itinery of adventure lovers, pleasure seekers & pilgrimalike.The legendry valleys of Garhwal abound with natural beauty and also offera distinct style...View More

Garhwal Region:

about Kumaon Region : Uttaranchal

Kumaon, a land resplendent in awaesome natural splendor is a jewel of the glittering Himalayas necklace. Extending from the northern end of the Ganga plains right upto Tibet, Kumaon's endless panorama of scenic wonders is nothing short of a romance with pristine & soul lifting nature itself.The origin of Kumaon is as unique as its suroundings. It is believed that the word 'Kumaon' is derived from 'Kurmanchal' which meansthe land of Kurmavtar, Nainital is the most low lying, consisting of the broad plains... View More

Kumaon Region:

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